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Polar Science

Turkish research on polar regions has accelerated since 2015 with initiation of Turkish Arctic Expedition (TAE) supported by the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye. In 2020 a base has been established in Horseshoe Island, Antarctic Peninsula. 

Our research group has worked on the age of glacial deposits underlying patterned ground observed Barton Peninsula (PI: Alper Gürbüz) by deploying p-IR-IRSL method.

A new project is has initiated to map and date the raised beach ridges observed at Horseshoe Island. to estimate to the post-glacial rebound rate during the Holocene

We will apply low-altitude UAV photogrammetry and luminescence / CRN dating methods to reach our goal during TAE-VIII 2024

Mapping and absolute dating of very coarse grained stepped coastal morphological units in rapid uplifting high energy environments: Horseshoe Island (West Antarctic Peninsula) Grant Id: 121G261.


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